Team Policy Debate

Statement of Purpose: The purpose of Team Policy Debate is to train Christian home school students in the skills of presentation, critical thinking, and research in an environment of honorable competition, to cultivate maturity, wisdom, grace, and poise, bringing glory to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Resolved: The United States Federal Government should substantially reform its agriculture and/or food safety policy in the United States.

Lincoln Douglas Debate

Statement of Purpose: Lincoln Douglas Debate centers on a proposition of value, which concerns itself with what ought to be instead of what it is. A value is an ideal held by individuals, societies, governments, etc. Debaters are encouraged to develop argumentation based upon a values perspective.

Resolved: The needs of the public ought to be valued above private property rights.

Parliamentary Debate

Statement of Purpose: The Purpose of Parliamentary Debate is to train students to employ advanced debate and speaking skills informed by an accumulation of general and specific knowledge on a broad range of topics. The goal is to prepare students to deal with real world advocacy and argumentation in a manner that exhibits maturity, wisdom, grace and poise, bringing glory to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Parliamentary Debate resolutions are announced / released prior to the beginning of each round.