NITOC 2017 Electronic Script Submission

Why do we bother with script submissions?
To Honor God; Protect and Improve Ourselves;
Protect and Honor Authors’ Intent; Integrity.
Standardization so everything necessary for an evaluation is present if a question arises.

Besides the above listed reasons, electronic submission reduces the work load of tournament check in and aids in a proper review of scripts, giving competitors a chance to correct and avoid disqualification.

There will be no script approval done on site at check in. In order for your NITOC 2017 registration to be complete, there is a mandatory electronic script submission requirement.

All scripts must be submitted by May 12th.

We want to eliminate the stress of wondering if a script will be allowed at NITOC 2017 by approving every speech event script submission prior to your arrival. Won't that be nice!

So, here’s how to do it:

  • Please double-check the current rules for script submission on the Stoa website. For Script Submission forms and guidelines please refer to Platform Speeches and Interpretative Speeches at the StoaUSA website. Stoa USA

  • Please go over the checklists on the script submission forms with your coach or parent before sending us your material.

Scanned items must include the following:

  • Script Submission forms: Physically signed and initialed
  • Typed Script
  • Interp original source: Easy to read, pages are right side up, and highlighting clearly shown in the scanned originals with added words as used.
  • For your file name please use: Last name, First name phone number-Eventscript.PDF

If you do not use this file naming we will not know who to credit.
Example: Doe, John 3217893456-HIScript.PDF
Or: Doe, John 3217893456-HISource.PDF

All files must be uploaded in PDF format. No zipped, .tif, .jpeg, .docx or shared files will be accepted. Also, no one page files - keep all pages for a script together in one file. Submission forms may be in a separate file.

Upload your completed script submission materials at:

Upload NITOC Scripts

Do you have an internet filter? We have found that some internet filters, such as NetNanny, don't like Mediafire. If so, you just need to disable your filter while uploading.

You may select all your files to upload at once, no need to do one at a time. Once you upload your file(s) the screen will state: 'Upload Complete - upload another?' - You have successfully submitted your file(s). No other notice will be sent.

Script approval: Once your files are uploaded our script approval team will review your script. Upon approval, you will be sent a script approval email. Please print the approval email and have it available. No printed copies of scripts are required.

Any changes made to scripts after approval must be uploaded by Noon, May 24th.

There will be no acceptance of changed scripts at the tournament.

Remember to use tournament naming convention for your file names.

Example: Doe, John 3217893456-HI Script

Tips and a link to a video to walk you through the process of scanning documents can be found on the "Script Submission Help" Page.

For any questions regarding script submission contact:

Interp Script Submission Tips

You may check out these tips and a link to a video to walk you through the process.
How to Scan Scripts

Scanning Original Source Scripts

For typed scripts in MSWord simply “Save As” and select file type “PDF”. Some systems will have the option for .pdf under “print” and select your file type “PDF”.


For scanning original literature source, with a printer/scanner, scan as “Searchable PDF” if available, or “PDF”. Make sure to “add page” so that all pages are in one file. For smaller files, scan in black and white at 300dpi.

If you do scan individual pages, you can join them with this free application:Adolix App to Merge scanned files There are many other applications that would also work.

Once you have scanned your original source, open the PDF file with Adobe Reader (free software). In Adobe Reader, highlight all words used. Where there are added words, use the comment text box to insert added words. You may also use the freehand tool to draw a line to the exact placement.

Remember to use tournament naming convention for your file names.
• For your file name please use: Last name, First name phonenumber-Event
Example: Doe, John 3217893456-Persuasive Script
If you do not use this file naming we will not know who to credit.

Platform Speech Tips

Stoa platform speech rules require: All direct quotations and primary sources must be cited verbally within the body of the speech. Use of another person’s words or ideas without crediting them is plagiarism and is strictly forbidden.
(Stoa Platform Presentation rules #1)

Stoa USA has compiled a page to assist with proper use of citations in platform speeches.
Choose "Submission Forms" and "Platform Speech Citation Helps"

As you do your research, we recommend you immediately set up a free account with to store all your citation information for later use in your Citation Page. You can always delete material you end up not using.

For your Citation Page, use:

Several citation systems exist, you must select one system with an in-text (parenthetical) method of citing sources and includes enough information to find the information in the works cited page.

For assistance with how to insert your citations into your speech, here is a video on verbal citations:

If you still have questions, we are glad to help at